Greatest American Hero

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Greatest American Hero


Brand new release from Black Cloud Apparel. Vintage luxury shirt from the 1980s Superhero television show. Portion of proceeds benefit the Central Texas Hero Squad. Central Texas Hero Squad was founded by Patrick and Dominic both Paramedics in Central Texas in April 2018. Their mission: Unite together to improve the world and bring joy of heroes, and princesses to life. Group of First Responders and Healthcare providers. They visit children's hospital in hopes to bring joy during stressful times. They are on a mission to raise money for children's cancer research. In the future they would like to start promoting anti-bullying and over mental health and physical health in children. They are a group of seven members ( all First Responders and Healthcare workers ). Please help this great organization succeed in their mission by purchasing this shirt today. 


Be part of a great organization and pre-order today!!

Pre-order dates 1-29-19 to 2-13-19

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