About us

Black Cloud Apparel was started with unique intentions of offering Apparel for the true heroes of Emergency Services. This is not a happy boo boo bus t-shirts company. There will be no colorful "I can start 6 iv's with my eyes closed" t shirts, There will be no superhero t-shirts. There are plenty of those shirts on other rookie websites.  Emergency services has a dark side of this job. The focus of this company to educate the public of the struggle of our jobs. These shirts will be controversial to some but understandable to all us brothers and sisters. Recent studies states that over 50 percent of all First Responders suffer some forms of PTSD, and many commit suicides every year due to not enough public help or recognition of this terrible disease. Many are being turned down by their state appeals court for benefits and help. This must stop and we must educate the public and we must show support to one another. 

This Business is starting from the ground floor with no big pocketbooks. This small site will be a first of what will be many shirts inspired by our love for our profession and for the Black Cloud junkies as a whole. Wear these shirts, and tell people what we do and what we go through.

On a side note on why i started this company is for two reasons. I am Hard of Hearing and been that way since birth. I do not know when my time is due when i am forced out of this profession that i love. This truly scares me since this is all i know. There is a option for hearing surgery that is available but insurance does not cover it. Surgery is priced at 60,000 dollars ( Esteem Hearing Implants ). Hearing surgery is under the category of cosmetic options. For example only, There is better chance of getting hair implants due to the fear of going bald than hearing surgery. This is sad to say but it is true. My wish was to start this company so i can afford this surgery one day. If i am forced out due to my hearing this will give me the opportunity to be able to support my Brothers and sisters by designing these shirts. I will be still involved with emergency services one way or another.  

Lets bulid this empire together, We are warriors, and we are surviviors!!!!

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